onsdag 16 december 2015

Local democracy in Ukraine II

I wrote last week about local democracy in Ukraine. A petition about better access to the streets of Chernivtsi was being brought up at the City Council House but no decision could be taken at that time since the decisionmakers was not present. The issue was postponed and was brought up again yesterday (15th Dec).

Pic: Hans Wåhlberg. Sharpening the arguments(?)

Artem Zhuk is the citizen that has been collecting enough name-signatures from people in Chernivtsi to make the Council take this petition under consideration. He must of course be satisfied now that the Mayor Kaspruk approved and delegated to the proper departments to start working out how to implement the petitions propositions.

Pic: Hans Wåhlberg. Artem Zhuk makes his presentation and the Mayor Kaspruk is considering...

It concerns the citys streets and pavements that are in such a bad condition that disabled people with wheelchairs have problems using them. The city becomes inaccessible for a lot of citizens and this is what drives Artem to push this issue. Chernivtsi should be every citizens town. Now there is a glimpse of hope that it may be an improvement.

But it was also a great joy to see how the democratic process actually works in Chernivtsi. The meeting was open to the public and well attended also by the media. People were allowed to have their say on the matter and the meeting was conducted in a transparent and orderly fashion.

Great to see democracy works in Ukraine. At least in Chernivtsi.

Pic: Hans Wåhlberg. Victory at hand. And a nice display of democracy in Chernivtsi.

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